Offers to the members trainings in latest IT technologies and programming languages.


Gives its member pratical experience through real projects from companies.


Puts the members in contact with alumni and famous figures in the IT field.

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Programming Langages


Graphic Design

Operating Systems

Data Science

Personnal Developpement


Our club is the hub of all technological IT people in the school, that believe that IT could be used to further master their fields.

  • 2005

    The Club's creation

    Creating a club that gathers computer sciences students of the school.

  • 2016

    Inauguration of INSEA IT

    New club concept and goals. Learning IT together for all the fields of the school.

  • The Best
    Is yet
    To come!


  • December 2018

    IT Village 2.0

    Artificial Intelligence : What are the business Applications ?

  • May 2019

    Share your adventure 2.0

    Organized in collaboration with SIGMA 21, the association of Alumnis of INSEA, our event, under the form of a “Success Stories” conference, offers an exchange between students and Alumnis from different schools, to share their experiences in the computer science field and inspire and guide them.

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Our Team

We are not just a team, we are a family.

Abdelouadoud Samery

Vice President

Fouad Kouzmane


Mariam Sangare

Partnerships Manager

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