How I fell in Love with Geoffery Hinton

"Let’s together fight for humanity using AI"

Posted by Sara Hamida on March 06, 2019

          For those of you who doesn’t know who Geoffrey Hinton is I invite you to make a simple research on google, it’ll be worth your time. And for those of you who knew the man, I congratulate you you’re passionate about AI and you’d probably understand the title more quickly. It’s simply the love of AI field and what good it can do for the world, now let me tell you how this love started.

          From an early age, and like any other child I was always asked that classical question of : what do you want to be in the future, my answer was always : a Doctor, why?
Because I used to watch a Korean drama about doctors, hospitals, operation rooms and saving people’s lives. The reason may be too childish for some of you, but let’s be tolerant considering my age back then.

But I’ll admit that I still love watching shows about doctors and their volunteering work, the lives they have, the chance they get to daily save people and I envied them for the opportunity they were given to do such humanitarian work. An opportunity I could never have as an engineer, or so I used to think, until I discovered the world of AI, the world built by people like Geoffry Hinton, Andrew Ng and their gang. I finally found the place where I can be a doctor, a savior without putting the white apron nor the stethoscope, a world where you can hold more power than your will, a world where you can literally change the world.

Let’s get some motivation

          The good news is, we’re very lucky to live now, to witness the AI revolution and to be part of it. It’s an era where we have all the resources we need to be part of this revolution, to get on board with these great people who want to use AI for humanitarian purposes. Especially that everything is available now to do so. Take the huge community Git built by this interesting human being: Linus Torvalds, who had this vision of creating a community where everyone can contribute to change the world, watch his Ted Talk here, See also my friend's article Nacer Sebti about Git . And you have to definitely check the project made by my dear friends Zack and Ihab, a project made for helping people who are visually impaired to detect obstacles in their way and notify them with their phones, and of course it’s open source, you can check on Github

This is me inviting you to go ahead and start building your own AI app, and leave your mark in this world before leaving it.
           I’ll make this short and I will leave you with a video which perhaps can change something in you. It’s a call from Microsoft to all the fans of Geoffrey Hinton to come abroad the ship of fighting against childhood Malnutrition. Have fun and don’t ever forget that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world, it’s the only thing that ever had made an impact.

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Sara Hamida
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