Software Engineering

All you need to know about software engineering

Posted by Ouiame ElQabch on Feberury 21, 2019

What does Software Engineering means ?

Software Engineering is the capability of analyzing needs and constructing and designing a certain application that provides these needs through the use of software programming languages. And as we know, a user needs is always in permanent state, so the software Engineering involves also the process of analyzing existing software and modifying it to meet the current needs, as a result the software engineer is also in permanent work. His work demands using the best practices and processes that should be applied in software development, in other words, there must be discipline and control during all the process.

Why choose Software Engineering ?

The most important precondition is to love software engineering, to have a passion for it, to be eager to explore learn invent and create new applications. Also everyone has this mistake of thinking that a software engineer is just a programmer or a «coding-monkey » anybody can do that, which totally wrong, you should be a real engineer that knows not only how to code but to know so many other aspects like : analyze the needs, code both front-end and back-end « full stack », work with database, with servers, write automated tests, think about the application architecture, the development environment, technologies and frameworks and the gesture method of the project ...etc. Furthermore, to be a software engineer you must certainly work professionally on many software projects with many people that can be part of the developing team or your superior or the product owner that can have no relation with programming world, all does he want is a final product that provides all his needs, so the point here is to learn how to communicate with all member of the team and sure to understand each one of them. Another important point for a better software engineer is to spend some private time with himself to learn permanently new stuff about all the new technologies used in this domain.

So if you are able to do all this things you should be a software engineer. Also, software engineer is a smart career choice – it's one of the most in-demand skills in the world.

What are the new technologies used in software ?
            •          Chatbots for driving conversations
            •          Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Cognitive technologies
            •          Blockchain
            •          Data security
            •          Big data

What are the newest frameworks used in software ?


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework. Designed to build single-page applications. Its goal is to extend browser-based apps based on the MVC template, as well as simplify testing and development


Released in 2005, Django is a framework that is written in Python.Django follows the Model-View-Template (MVT) architecture. Generally, complex and data-driven websites are built using this framework. Just to give you an idea, popular sites like Instagram, Disqus, and NASA, have been built using Django.


Laravel is a free PHP general-purpose open source framework, which was born relatively recently - in 2011, but thanks to the rapid development today it is one of the most popular PHP engines, which can save you from spaghetti code.


Spring is the most popular Java Framework and is extensively used in enterprise solutions. Most of the enterprise solutions which use Java are Spring Framework based. Java is also a popular choice in enterprise solutions.
Spring and all its modules including Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Security, Spring ORM etc are used in enterprise applications. It is a good choice for building massive web based applications.

Ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is a server-side framework that is written in Ruby (programming language). It’s associated with Rapid Application Development (RAD), as it supports the reusability of code and accommodates changes rather easily.
It has an extensive development community, owing to its open source nature. Rails prefers conventions to configuration. In other words, developers can use various conventions instead of configuring files. This significantly speeds up the development process.


Symphony is a PHP framework that is quite rich in features. Two things which make it quite popular in the developer community are bundles and components.Another highlight of Symfony is its documentation, which is on par with the best PHP frameworks. It is very legible, well-structured, and supplemented with various eŃ…amples. Moreover, it is frequently updated.

How is Software Engineering in our Institute (INSEA) ?

The formation in our Institute is known for the quality of the engineers graduated, this formation provides for its students a lot of knowledge that goes with current demands of the market and makes the graduated software engineers able to confront We find concretely in our formation different modules like : project gesture and quality methods, Software Architecture, Java Recent Framworks like spring hibernate and others, ERP, Urbanization of information system, these are the essential fields that are programmed for the software engineers in our Institute that make them able to adapt in any job, and of course many other courses. As for the statistics in Morocco confirm that the software engineers from INSEA are permanently demanded.