INSEA Olympic Games, more than just an event!

Edition X

Posted by Meriam Bahda on April 08, 2019

          INSEA’s Olympic Games, one of the most beloved and awaited multi-sport events of our school just took place a few weeks ago, and left us with some unforgettable memories. With love, passion and dedication, INSEA’s sports club organized the 10th edition of the Olympic Games, an unprecedented edition, placed under the motto: "Do it right, with a smile, or don’t do it at all".

          The adventure began February 22, in the evening, with an opening ceremony, followed by a conference under the theme: “the sports sector, an economic provider and a social democracy builder”, with the presence of prestigious guests and famous sports players, and thus launching the 10th edition of INSEA’s Olympic Games. And since we all know that the way to men’s and women’s heart is through their stomach, the guests and members of the team were treated later that night to a delicious buffet, a cherry on top of the sundae ( Literally! ).

          The following day, the competitions and activities began, giving the opportunity to college students from all over Morocco to display their talent and creativity. Whether in sports games, talent shows or intelligence contests, we have witnessed this year a high number of outstanding performances. We were simply in awe of such gifted people! Although the competition was fierce, a festive and friendly atmosphere reigned in our school, making INSEA’s Olympic Games, the social event of the season.

          Being a member of INSEA’s sports club was an incredible experience, through which I grew both on a personal and professional level. It was an opportunity to gain new skills, face new challenges, experience breath taking moments, but most importantly, forge amazing friendships. It was a crazy weekend, and even though it had its own ups and downs, it was an adventure that marked me for life and I’ll forever be grateful for it.


About the author :
Meriam Bahda
2nd year at INSEA and member of the INSEA olympics team .